Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty – Long Lasting Investments in a Changing World (Self-Paced)

Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty – Long Lasting Investments in a Changing World (Self-Paced)

Infrastructure serves a community for a long time. The decisions on infrastructure investments that are made now will have impacts over the decades and sometimes centuries to come. However, future conditions that may affect the infrastructure investment are deeply uncertain, and failure to manage these uncertainties could result in serious consequences. This new e-course describes an innovative methodology to deal with these uncertainties: Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU), and how to use it to make robust decisions for long term investments in a changing world.

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Submitted 3:38 pm, October 15, 2018

Nice primer


Submitted 6:29 am, September 27, 2018

this is very nice course, good for both corporate and non-profit organization

Mohamed Mounir Mohamed Samir

Submitted 7:22 am, September 22, 2018


Sarosh Kothandath

Submitted 1:44 am, July 24, 2018

Great Course, loved it!


Submitted 1:19 am, July 2, 2018



Submitted 7:04 am, June 30, 2018



Submitted 1:56 pm, May 25, 2018

Good resources

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 4:38 pm, March 23, 2018


Israel Simon

Submitted 7:13 am, March 15, 2018

Zik Israel Simon I am very happy to be here and to join this topic. Climate change is gradually changing the order of things, but many people and governments are not taking the issue very serious. One thing is sure, no country is immune from climate change, so need to pay attention to how pollution is increasing daily in our environments.


Submitted 12:14 pm, March 14, 2018

Just Enrolled for the course. Hope to complete it soon.

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