Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) (Self-paced)

Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) (Self-paced)

The DeMPA tool – the subject of this course - provides a comprehensive set of indicators for assessing debt management performance that are based on sound practices in government debt management.

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Iva Gernette

- Mar 6, 2021
I really appreciate this lettre on debt management and its good practice in the area of public dent.


- Feb 25, 2021
topic 5 is not launching please resolve the matter


- Jan 8, 2021


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course


- Jul 26, 2020
I have been enjoying this course. However I am unable to complete because Module 5 will not launch. I don't seem to be the only one having this problem. Please assist us with remedying this technical glitch.


- Jul 10, 2020
My Topic no 5 is not launching


- Jul 26, 2020
Did anyone assist in resolving this issue. I am having the same problem

Mohammad Nadir

- Jul 5, 2020


- Feb 25, 2020
There is always something new to learn, and I'm happy that now I'm learning about government debt management.


- Apr 4, 2019
Topik sangat menarik
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