Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) (Self-paced)
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Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) (Self-paced)

The DeMPA tool – the subject of this course - provides a comprehensive set of indicators for assessing debt management performance that are based on sound practices in government debt management.

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- Apr 13, 2021

Iva Gernette

- Mar 31, 2021
we go through the course in detail I noticed that the objective pursued by this program is to help strengthen the capacities of institutions in developing countries so that they can manage public debt in an efficient and sustainable manner. medium and long term. A cornerstone of the program is the Debt Management Performance Assessment Tool (DeMPA), a methodology for assessing performance using a comprehensive set of performance indicators covering all public debt management (DeM) functions. The set of indicators is intended to be an internationally recognized standard in government debt management and can be applied in all developing countries.

Iva Gernette

- Mar 6, 2021
I really appreciate this lettre on debt management and its good practice in the area of public dent.


- Feb 25, 2021
topic 5 is not launching please resolve the matter


- Jan 8, 2021


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course


- Jul 26, 2020
I have been enjoying this course. However I am unable to complete because Module 5 will not launch. I don't seem to be the only one having this problem. Please assist us with remedying this technical glitch.


- Jul 10, 2020
My Topic no 5 is not launching


- Jul 26, 2020
Did anyone assist in resolving this issue. I am having the same problem

Mohammad Nadir

- Jul 5, 2020
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