Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) (Facilitated)

Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) (Facilitated)

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Developing countries face various policy, institutional, and operational challenges due to weak debt management capacity and lack of efficient debt markets. Recent challenges include: the emergence of new markets and creditors; rapid global flows of financing; and blurring of global financial boundaries that have radically altered the financial landscape facing developing counties. Against this background, developing countries need to strengthen their debt management capacity to assure that government funds are raised consistent with fiscal and debt management objectives. This e-learning course will provide participants with knowledge on application of the revised DeMPA (2015) tool to assess comprehensive debt management functions in their countries.

The DeMPA tool provides a set of indicators for comprehensively assessing debt management performance in developing countries. The debt management performance indicators (DPIs) span five core areas of public debt management, covering: (i) governance and strategy development; (ii) coordination with macroeconomic policies; (iii) borrowing and related financing activities; (iv) cash flow forecasting and cash balance management; and (v) debt recording and operational risk management.

Based on the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) methodology for public financial management and sound practices in government debt management, the indicators represent an internationally recognized and comprehensive methodology for assessing debt management performance in relation to country peers and monitoring progress over time. The indicators are useful to guide the design of reform programs, monitor debt management performance over time, and enhance donor harmonization.

This course is based on a revised methodology applicable since July 2015.  By the end of the course, participants are expected to understand the scope, coverage and rationale behind the 14 DeMPA DPIs, recognize inter-linkages between the indicators, and become familiar with the DeMPA scoring methodology. 


Target Audience

Debt managers and Central Bank officials dealing with debt management in client countries, technical assistance providers in client countries, government auditors, as well as World Bank country economists. Decisions on admittance to the course are made based on whether applicant qualifications match the target audience profile and the availability of space (given the class size of 120 participants).

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- Dec 8, 2018
This was a very interactive course. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the support , responses and guidance. The course materials were also very comprehensive and detailed.


- Dec 8, 2018
This was a very interactive course. I really enjoyed it. Thank you Ling for the support , responses and guidance.

Ricardo A.

- Dec 7, 2018
I failed this course due to the final assignment. The material was so thick and lacking coherence at times. Richard Rahn Rule was left out. Caps to national and subnational governments in regarding their destructive skills related to expenditure, debt, wages of officials and tax fares were left out, too The idea of efficiency and competitiveness in managing public funds, narrowing down personnel and the weight of the state in the whole economy are treated shallowly . Plus, tax fares and rates are believed to reach infinity Debt overhangs, fiscal drags and their related tax burdens are not on the shoulders of the officials behind the failure ....The plucked taxpayers are pickpocket in aeternum


- Dec 4, 2018
Very good course! I really enjoyed it. I should say that DeMPA t is a very good tool to help countries assess their DeM capacities and diagnose weaknesses. For me, the best part of the course is the assignments based on the Utopia case. By taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Ying Li for enlightening elaborations provided in the discussions.


- Dec 1, 2018
The course is very educative, as an economics student in my final year have really gained a lot


- Nov 27, 2018
Keen to look ahead into this course.


- Nov 14, 2018
it's very educative

Kyaw Myo

- Nov 14, 2018
Need to learn for facing debt!


- Oct 6, 2018
A very interesting course!


- Sep 27, 2018
Really i enjoyed Usefull to enhance basic skill
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