Dealing with Construction Permits Indicator - What it measures, Why it matters, What are the results, and good practices?

The Dealing with Construction Permits Indicator of the Doing Business Report records all procedures required for a business in the construction industry to build a warehouse, along with the time and cost to complete each procedure. In addition, the indicator measures the quality of building control, evaluating the quality of building regulations, the strength of quality control and safety mechan...view more

About the Presenters

Jayashree Srinivasan

Jayashree Srinivasan leads the Dealing with Construction Permits indicator of the Doing Business Report. She has extensive experience in indicator development and has helped design and develop several new indicator sets, including the Getting Electricity Indicator of the Doing Business Report, the Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy, and the forthcoming pilot Digital Business Indicators. Ms. Srinivasan has also led operational missions and dialogues on government reform priorities, and co-authored investment climate reports based on analytical evidence. Prior to joining Doing Business, Ms. Srinivasan worked in the South Asia Region of the World Bank Group in the Sustainable Development Unit.

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