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Day 2: Climate Mitigation in Action – Sector-Specific Strategies and Approaches (Classroom Presentation)

"Exploring the impacts of urban form on GHG emissions and sector-specific strategies and approaches to climate mitigation."

Cities are integral to tackling the global climate crisis. This 4-day master class aims to build the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to help operational teams and their client cities to both better understand the impacts of climate change and transition to low-carbon development pathways. As teams anticipate the alignment of all new operations with the global targets of the Paris Agreement by FY2023, this master class seeks to support Bank teams to further mainstream climate-related considerations in Bank operations and analytics and into the DNA of practitioners engaged in urban development and service provision.

Day 2 explores the impacts of urban form on GHG emissions and discusses sector-specific strategies and approaches to climate mitigation – specifically energy efficiency in housing and buildings, solid waste management, transit-oriented development, urban transport, and mobility. The session concludes with a discussion on the tools, knowledge, and resources available to Bank teams. 

About the Presenters

Anjali Mahendra

Director of Global Research, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities 

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