Data Collection in Fragile States: Innovations from Africa and Beyond

"Fragile countries are amongst the most data deprived and collecting new information in such circumstances is challenging."

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Opening Remarks by Carolina Sánchez-Páramo: To end poverty, a focus on Fragility and Conflict is mandatory to achieve the 2030 agenda.


Introduction by Johannes Hoogeveen: Collecting quality data in FCV settings is feasible and does not need to be costly.


Introduction by Utz Pape Part1: Why is it so important to work in Fragile countries in terms of data collection?



Introduction by Utz Pape Part2: It is possible and financially feasible to collect data in fragile situations. The solutions in fragile countries can be scaled up and used in other countries, as these solutions can be the triggers for innovation.


Panelist Koen Davidse discusses Data Collection in Fragile States: When the going gets tough, the tough get going and the data needs to keep flowing.


Panelist Patrick Vinck shares the challenges with data collection in fragile situations.


Panelist Franck Bousquet about the role of evidence in strategy: Where does evidence-based strategy come in and why is it important?


Panelist Tara Vishwanath on some of the remaining challenges:  Where do we go from here and how do we build on this?


Questions from the Audience.


Data Collection in Fragile States: Innovations from Africa and Beyond - Executive Summary

About the Presenters

Carolina Sánchez-Páramo

Global Director, Poverty and Equity GP, World Bank

Utz Pape

Senior Economist , Poverty and Equity GP, World Bank

Johannes Hoogeveen

Lead Economist, Poverty and Equity Global Practice, World Bank

Koen Davidse

Executive Director World Bank and Former Deputy Special Representative of the UN Peace Mission in Mali (MINUSMA)

Patrick Vinck

Research Director Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and co-founder of KoBoToolbox

Franck Bousquet

Senior Director FCV, World Bank

Tara Vishwanath

Lead Economist and Global Lead for the Fragility GSG, World Bank