Understanding Risk

Understanding Risk

Understanding Risk (UR) is an open and global community of over 6,500 experts and practitioners interested and active in disaster risk identification. UR community members share knowledge and experience, collaborate, and discuss innovation and best practice in risk assessment and risk communication. The community convenes every two years at UR Forums – five-day events that highlight best practices, facilitate partnerships and showcase the latest technical know-how in disaster risk identification.

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Submitted 1:50 pm, June 22, 2018



Submitted 12:49 am, June 8, 2018



Submitted 12:49 am, June 8, 2018

very important, thanks

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 12:04 pm, January 31, 2018



Submitted 10:41 am, January 31, 2018



Submitted 1:32 am, January 30, 2018

Very skillful and knowledgeable course

Piero Sasha

Submitted 9:31 am, December 6, 2017

for this topic cooperation is essential.


Submitted 2:27 pm, August 21, 2017

I approve: Power is the ability to withstand natural phenomena, natural disasters and the challenges of time. But that's what the World Bank does, unfortunately only the distribution of the resource. The main thing in confrontation is knowledge. Knowledge does not exist outside a particular person. We can resist only the knowledge of each of us. ISBN: 9785906153036


Submitted 11:28 am, August 7, 2017

Policy and practitioner should go through this so to be capable to work for different societies.


Submitted 11:27 am, August 7, 2017

To cope with any kinds of disaster, we must first know about it cause and to know about it's cause we must first have an understanding. Related with risk analysis to disaster risk management. Sounds good!

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