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Understanding Risk

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- Mar 30, 2019
Data sharing, open data and using technology are the key issues to reduce disaster impact


- Mar 14, 2019


- Mar 12, 2019
Topik Menarik


- Dec 25, 2018
One of the quality initiative to be aware in advance and reduce the impacts of disasters in each and every sector in communities around the world.


- Nov 30, 2018
Good topic


- Sep 14, 2018
I would like pursue a self paced course on Disaster Risk reduction.


- Sep 10, 2018
I live in Somalia the only Natural disaster we have was droughts, but this year we experienced cyclone


- Sep 14, 2018
India is succesfully dealing with disaster arising out of Cyclone,especially in coastal zones.National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project funded by World Bank is playing a vital role in this context.We can share our Detail Project Report.


- Aug 28, 2018
I would like to report about coastal zone of Eastern India,SUNDARBANS situated in the state of West Bengal ,India , South Asia. It is considered to be the biggest Archipelagos in the world having huge habitation or settlement of Human Population.I have visited these areas number of times and I have found that emphasis should be given in the area of plantation of big trees.


- Aug 28, 2018
I live near to the coastal area of State of West Bengal,India,South Asia where Cyclone is a potential Risk. Understanding the Risk about cyclone other such hazards are very very important for poor and people under below poverty level.I would like participate in more interactive forum.
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