Conflict of Interest Risk Management for Your Project

Conflict of Interest Risk Management for Your Project

This course is targeted for both World Bank Group staff and clients, as well as others such as partners working in development and those who are interested in the topic of conflict of interest risk management. The main objective of this course is to raise awareness on the basics of various types of conflict of interest situations often seen in development projects, including “gray areas”. Participants will be able to gain basic skills for identifying, assessing and managing conflict of interest risks and also have a chance to connect with others taking the course. The course is divided into 3 modules: 1) What is conflict of interest risk management and why is it important?; 2) Applying conflict of interest risk management lens to common project tasks; and 3) Challenges and pitfalls of conflict of interest risk management. The participants will also have access to knowledge checks (quizzes) and a resource section for additional reading and research. (Note: World Bank Group rules/policies are given as indicative examples in this course, but this is not a World Bank Group compliance training).

This course was developed by the Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC) Vice Presidency in collaboration with the Governance Global Practice and the Open Learning Campus.

Click here for additional resources under Attachments or go to Group to share resources and/or start disscussions with your peers : https://wbg.sabacloud.com/Saba/Web_spf/NA1PRD0002/common/ledetail/00023402

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Jesús Manuel

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Submitted 3:33 pm, June 10, 2018

Very interesting!


Submitted 7:28 pm, June 3, 2018

yes, very important to know about it


Submitted 11:24 pm, May 21, 2018

This course briefly explains the conflict of interests that might arise during the project and how they can be avoided. It creates many grey areas and even escalates upto legal issues.


Submitted 9:35 am, April 10, 2018

Hello, colleagues I am about to start this course i hope it will be of great importance to me.


Submitted 4:25 am, April 18, 2018

It's best for a committed professional !

Md Aminul

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Good Luck

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