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Communicating Across Cultures (1:30 PM Session)

To help staff and clients understand different communication styles and enhance effectiveness in communication (verbal vs. nonverbal, formal vs. informal, and virtual vs face-to-face etc.), especially when we come with different priorities, cannot agree on the agenda, and when things are not working well, as expected or planned.

About the Presenters

Ruihua Dong, Lead, Intercultural Program

Ruihua Dong has worked with the World Bank Group for 19 years. She leads the integration of intercultural effectiveness for all WBG leadership programs, and works with Vice Presidencies, CMUs, and teams across WBG in their initiatives to enhance team and client engagement, trust, inclusion, and business effectiveness. She has designed, developed, and delivered hundreds of different intercultural programs for thousands of staff across the world. Originally from China, Ruihua has lived in the US for the last 25 years.

Julia Gaspar-Bates, Consultant and facilitator, Intercultural Program

Julia Gaspar-Bates has over 30 years’ experience, working and living internationally and has trained thousands of leaders, teams and staff across industries, continents, and languages to increase their intercultural competence and effectiveness. She has been an STC at WBG for over three years to support the Intercultural Programs.

Laurette Bennhold-Samaan, Consultant and facilitator, Intercultural Program

Laurette Bennhold-Samaan is an international executive and consultant with over thirty years of experience in world-class organizations including Accenture, The World Bank, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, and The Peace Corps. Formerly a COO, VP, Global Advisory Services and VP, she brings a wealth of global experience. She has designed and delivered programs in over 50 countries across Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia.   Originally from Egypt, Laurette has lived in Nigeria, Germany, and Canada.

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