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Co-creating with Citizens: Open Data and Challenges for Mobile Apps

Speakers from Buenos Aires and Barcelona will discuss how opening city data can re-frame government structure, empower citizens and facilitate development of cost-saving solutions to service delivery; what are the roles of government, CSOs, the media and citizens; how to communicate data, engage citizens and bring innovation using apps and challenges; and privacy issue of big data. The first presentation will feature how the City of Buenos Aires is working to empower citizens, improve service delivery and create an innovative city, introducing the Buenos Aires Push/Pull strategy for Open Government: providing supply as a platform through open data and open policy as the “push”; and drawing in the open data community through hackathons, camps and marketing their creations as the “pull.” The City of Buenos Aires has hosted three city hackathons, with the third engaging more than 400 attendees (developers, NGOs and public servants), and recently launched “The Lab,” a co-working space for public policy and new technologies. The second presentation will introduce initiatives in Barcelona that are trying to make government more open, entrepreneurial, and lean; creating new and innovative opportunities for delivering government products, services, and processes; and incubating innovation capacity in the mobile professional and civic society arenas.

About the Presenters

Rudi Borrmann

Joaquim Alvarez

Target Audience

Governance professionals, Urban professionals

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