Climate Warehouse Learning Hub

Climate Warehouse Learning Hub

"Learn more about the Climate Warehouse program, a one-stop shop of end-to-end digital infrastructure for carbon markets."

The Climate Warehouse program prototypes, tests and develops end-to-end digital infrastructure for carbon markets, including a metadata layer (the Climate Action Data Trust), the ability to issue and track digital carbon assets (native and permission tokens), open-source national carbon registries, digital MRV systems, and a one-stop resource platform that enhances knowledge sharing and capability building - the Climate Warehouse Hub. 

Carbon markets can help countries to meet their climate goals. However, countries’ transitions of climate assets will only lead to a global reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions if those reductions are real and credible. Currently, there are a variety of information systems that countries use ranging from basic spreadsheets to sophisticated registries to store information on climate activities and assets.  

It is important to improve upon these systems to increase integrity and trust. A key challenge for the development of climate markets is standardizing and interconnecting registry systems. In addition, there is a growing interest in utilizing emerging technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, AI, and remote sensing, among others, to leverage and scale up the generation and trading of carbon assets.   

To address these challenges and in support of creating an enabling environment for future carbon markets empowered by Article 6 under the Paris Agreement, the World Bank Group launched the Climate Warehouse program.

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Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Sep 29, 2022
Great Learning Hub

Mohammad Nadir

- Sep 27, 2022
Excellent series!

jose luis

- Sep 26, 2022
muy bueno


- Sep 26, 2022
Smartest series
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