Climate Science and Emissions Scenarios

How do scientists study climate change? What tools do they use, and how do they build emissions scenarios?


Climate Impacts in the 21st Century

Our decisions today will have a leverage effect on the future of our planet.


Sectoral Impacts around the World I

Contemporary climatic changes are already affecting the daily lives of millions of people.


Sectoral Impacts around the World II

If warming goes beyond 2˚C, there will be severe implications for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.


Climate Change, Fragility, and Conflict

As the planet warms further, weather extremes will become the “new climate normal,” creating a world of increased risks and instability.


Climate Resilience

Identifying risks and adapting to them will reduce vulnerability to the effects of climate change.


Policy Instruments for Low Emission Development

Climate policy relies on both regulation and market instruments to reduce emissions.


We Can, We Will, We Must Act on Climate Change

Recognize that effective action on climate change requires the combined effort of different sectors of society.

From Climate Science to Action

Each part of the world faces specific vulnerabilities to climate change and has different opportunities to mitigate the effects and build resilience in the 21st century. With the Paris Agreement at COP 21, the global community has signaled its intent to act. Indeed, without climate action, decades of development progress are threatened, meaning that we are at a ‘make it or break it’ point in time. This course presents the most recent scientific evidence, explains the different regional impacts and divulge climate action strategies, and some opportunities for you to take action on climate change.

This action-oriented Bite+ gives you the opportunity to learn about regional climate change impacts and sector-specific strategies to increase resilience and move towards a low-carbon future. You will have the opportunity to explore these issues in depth and tailor your learning experience for one or more of the following regions:

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