Climate Finance: Innovative Approaches in Supporting Climate Action (Facilitated)

Climate Finance: Innovative Approaches in Supporting Climate Action (Facilitated)

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This course takes stock of the tested knowledge and practices in climate finance from different development partners and delivers a unique and timely learning product to build participant capacities in planning, accessing, delivering, and monitoring climate finance at the national level.

Target Audience

Senior and mid-level policy-makers and climate finance practitioners from public sector international organizations, private sectors and academic institutions. Especially helpful for practitioners who are involved in accessing, delivering, and monitoring/evaluating climate finance at the international, national and subnational level.

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Jesús Manuel

Submitted 1:28 pm, February 2, 2018

Nice Course


Submitted 8:36 pm, January 19, 2018

Nice Course

Fern Patrice

Submitted 6:10 am, January 11, 2018

When will enrollment begin for this course?


Submitted 3:21 pm, November 10, 2017

Although I have certified in climate analysis by UNCC:Learn, but I ll like to be enrolled in this cause to widen my horizon of research in climate planning and protection.

Ali Raza

Submitted 9:16 am, November 5, 2017

I have completed all the activities in the course successfully before the closing date. How do I claim/access the course certificate.


Submitted 4:55 am, November 5, 2017


Muhammad Nabeel

Submitted 12:28 pm, October 26, 2017

Kindly enroll me in this course.


Submitted 7:26 pm, October 30, 2017

Muhammad, We wish to inform you that the Climate Finance course will be delivered again in the Spring of 2018. Please check this page from January to see the active registration link


Submitted 9:35 am, October 17, 2017

Please enroll me if it is still possible. Thank you!


Submitted 7:27 pm, October 30, 2017

Csaba, it might be not be possible to have you enrolled to this course this time. But, please check this page from January 2018 to see the active registration link.

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