Knowledge Note

"Tools to recognize the risks and work toward a resilient future."

Climate change and disasters pose a growing threat to development. It’s essential to identify relating risks at an early stage of investment programs and to integrate appropriate resilience measures to cope with the risks.

The World Bank Group developed a suite of Climate and Disaster Risk Screening Tools to help development professionals screen climate change and disaster risks during project preparation and sectoral- and national-level planning.

Use the tools to:
• Learn about climate trends and geophysical hazards.
• Identify potential impacts and risks from climate and geophysical hazards.
• Inform dialogue and planning processes.
• Recognize the need for further detailed assessment.
• Find other resources to complement your assessments.

Access the tools at:

       Global website
       World Bank users

Click here to access the "Screening for Climate Change and Disaster Risks in Development Projects" Self-paced e-course in OLC.