Climate Change and Health
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Climate Change and Health

This course module introduces the theme of climate change and health. It explains how climate change impacts human health and describes mitigation and adaptation interventions in the health sector. Additionally, it provides guidance to task teams on the World Bank’s corporate climate commitments for the health sector as well as tools and support that task teams can draw on to enhance the climate resilience, adaptaion and mitigation aspects including through the climate co-benefits assessment process in their operations.

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- Sep 29, 2021
thank you!


- Jul 31, 2021


- Feb 16, 2021
very relevant topic thank you very much sir's and ma'am. i just want to ask if this course has a certificate for those student who completed this course?

Bobby Jr

- Jan 21, 2021
where can i fine my certificate?


- Jan 19, 2021
This is very interesting as it helps as to be more careful and observant enough on what we can do to protect our health as climate change is such a big threat for all of us.


- Dec 7, 2020
nice course


- Nov 21, 2020
thanks to join world bank open learning


- Nov 6, 2020
Very topical Course for decision makers in all pertinent areas.

Check Oumar

- Oct 23, 2020
C'est un sujet qui touche à tout le monde en particulier les pays en développement Par ce que tout simplement la vie de tout le monde en depend. Je crois que ce cours est d'une importance capitale.


- Sep 11, 2020
Useful contents.
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