Climate and Disaster Risk Screening: Identifying Risk to Enhance Resilience (Facilitated)

Nov 02, 2020 00:00 - Nov 21, 2020 00:00 ET | Virtual

Climate and Disaster Risk Screening: Identifying Risk to Enhance Resilience (Facilitated)

Climate change and disasters pose a growing threat to development. It is essential to identify related risks early in the preparation stage of development operations and programs and to integrate appropriate resilience measures to mitigate and cope with these risks.

The World Bank Group developed a suite of Climate and Disaster Risk Screening Tools to help development professionals screen for climate change and disaster risks during project preparation and sectoral- and national-level planning. The screening serves as an initial effort to identify opportunities for climate-smart project design.

This e-course illustrates how to undertake climate and disaster risk screening using the screening tools developed by the Climate Change Group of the World Bank and using climate information sources including the Climate Change Knowledge Portal and ThinkHazard!

The e-course consists of three modules:

• Module 1 introduces the background, rationale and process for risk screening.

• Module 2 walks through the steps of the screening process, using an investment project example, to demonstrate how to navigate the tools, where to find climate change information and how to determine climate risks.

• Module 3 uses a policy development project example to illustrate how to screen climate and disaster risks at a national or policy level.

Target Audience

Policy makers, development practitioners, national and sub-national governments, researchers, stakeholders

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