Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems (Basic Level of the Self-Paced format)
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Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems (Basic Level of the Self-Paced format)

Civil registration (CR) is the recording of vital events in a person’s life (e.g., birth, death) and is a fundamental function of the national government. Birth registration establishes an individual’s legal identity at birth. Having a legal identity, name, nationality, proof of age, and the related are important human rights and enables individuals to exercise their rights (e.g., to vote) and enjoy various government, social, and private services. Vital statistics (VS) are statistics on these vital events and of the persons concerned. The availability of reliable and up-to-date VS depends on the level of development of CR. Having an effective CRVS system is critical for planning and monitoring programs across several sectors. Yet, over 110 low- and middle-income countries have deficient CRVS systems. This course provides practical tools and approaches to achieving 21st century state-of-the-art CRVS systems that are linked to identity management systems and tailored to local contexts. This self-paced format is offered for busy professionals who are able to take the course at their own pace and finish at any time. Learners will receive a Basic Level Certificate after successfully completing Core Modules 1-3 and can subsequently enroll in the Facilitated format to receive an Advanced Level Certificate .

The Basic level of the self-paced format is offered in French and Spanish also:

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Jane Kim

- May 21, 2019
Dear Sir/Madam, we sent you an email with detailed information on how to submit your assignment for the Advanced-level CRVS course. If you have any other questions, please write to us at <>. Thank you, Jane (CRVS eLearning Course Coordinator)


- Apr 29, 2019
i am having a problem completing lesson 4 of module 2 because some answers cannot be dragged as directed. please help.


- Apr 23, 2019


- Apr 24, 2019


- Apr 4, 2019
Topik sangat menarik


- Mar 25, 2019


- Mar 20, 2019
I cannot open the module on death registration. What is the facilitated version?


- Mar 4, 2019
i am unable to login - i am getting the message: (120443) SAML Attribute Value validation failed. Please check the attribute values passed in SAML Response. First Name cannot be empty please help


- Mar 4, 2019
Am unable to enroll for self paced course. the option my course is not appearing on the column please I need your assistance.


- Mar 2, 2019
I can't enrol for the self-paced certificate level. There seems to be a technical error because the option about "My Course" is not on the drop-down arrows. Please help urgently.
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