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Circular Economy and Finance

"Significant and more innovative financing is required for a circular future."

The global economy is placing severe pressure on our planet and is pushing through our planetary boundaries. There is an urgent need to move from a take, use, waste linear economy towards a regenerative ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ circular economy. This requires a fundamental transformation not only of the private sector’s businesses and value chains but also of the financial sector which plays a critical for financing businesses with circular ambitions. Currently, the financial sector is insufficiently equipped for financing circular businesses – including start-ups, SMEs, and corporates. Despite some very positive recent developments (e.g. ESG guidelines, EU green taxonomy, impact investment), there is a need to further transform financial sector policies and regulations, as well as the incentive structures and mental maps of its players.     

In this session, we explore, alongside global leaders, the critical issues that can inform policymakers and stakeholders within the financial sector. We explore, on the one hand, circular financing needs through the lifecycle of a business where start-ups, SMEs, and corporates have different risk profiles. On the other hand, we explore the capabilities and constraints of finance providers such as venture capital capitalists, banks, and institutional investors, as well as the role of government. Examples of issues discussed include the lack of risk capital for early-stage finance, a lack of understanding of circular business models, eligibility issues of collateral, and valuation techniques of residual value. 

About the Presenters

James Leaton

Vice President, Moody’s global environmental, social, and governance

James Leaton is a senior vice president in Moody’s global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) team; he leads the global ESG research and outreach strategy and is Moody’s primary spokesperson on ESG

Aglaia Fischer

Project Manager, Circle Economy

Aglaia Fischer is the Circular Finance Project Manager at Circle Economy and the Sustainable Finance Lab, she guides companies and stakeholders in multidisciplinary business development trajectories

Hein Brekelmans

Head of Sustainable Finance Desk, ABN AMRO

Hein Brekelmans is head of the Sustainable Finance Desk at ABN AMRO; its mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular, carbon-neutral and socially-inclusive economy

Menno Snel

Commissioner, Board of Royal IHC

Menno Snel is the commissioner on the supervisory board of Royal IHC, chairman of the Mr. Hans van Mierlo Foundation, and works with ABP Pension Funds

Davinah Milenge Uwella

Principal Programme Coordinator, African Development Bank

Davinah Milenge Uwella coordinates several special initiatives on climate change within the Climate Change and Green Growth Department of the African Development Bank

Luigi Ruggerone

Director of Applied Research, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Luigi Ruggerone is the Director of Applied Research with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. He has worked in various areas of the banking industry in Italy and abroad.

Elisa Achterberg

Researcher, Sustainable Finance Lab

Elisa Achterberg is a researcher at Sustainable Finance Lab on innovating finance for the circular economy

Tian Huifang

Senior Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Tian Huifang is a Senior Research Fellow, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Arnoud Walrecht

Director Sustainability, KPMG Netherlands

Arnoud Walrecht is responsible for leading KPMG Sustainability in Circular Economy engagements in the Netherlands and worldwide

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