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Circular Economy and Emerging Technologies

"The intersection of ICT and the circular economy is buzzing with possibility."

Emerging technologies and their convergence are having a transformational effect across global value chains. The range of these innovations across the digital, physical and biological technologies −from AI/machine learning, robotics, Internet of Things, bioelectrochemical engineering, to blockchain, etc.− play a crucial role in enabling circular business models by increasing efficiencies and reducing wastage; driving innovation by allowing new entrants in the markets; increasing information transparency allowing companies to gather insights; and by enabling a move away from the use of traditional, limited, or resource intensive materials.

This session aims to address those emerging technologies most frequently embraced by industries that can be catalytic enablers for new disruptive business models and facilitate the required fast pace for the transformation to a circular economy.

About the Presenters

Wesley Spindler

Sustainability & Business Strategy Director, The Circular Economy Handbook

Wesley Spindler is a Sustainability & Business Strategy Director within Accenture and co-author of The Circular Economy Handbook

Attila Turos

Co-Founder, Seven Chapter of Circularity, Senior Advisor, UNDP

Attila Turos is currently co-founder of Seven Chapter of Circularity and Senior Advisor at UNDP on sustainable supply chains.

Henrik Hvid Jensen

Head, Circular Economy Internet Initiative

Henrik Hvid Jensen is the Head of Circular Economy Internet Initiative, Corporate Blockchain

Danny Groh

Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Nexus FrontierTech

Danny Groh is Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Nexus FrontierTech, an AI scale up firm, dedicated to help business become more efficient and competitive through data management science.

Matanya Horowitz

Founder and CEO, AMP Robotics

Matanya Horowitz is the founder and CEO of AMP Robotics, an industrial artificial intelligence and robotics company applying automation to modernize recycling and enable a world without waste

Matthew Silver

CEO, Cambrian Innovation

Matthew Silver is the CEO of Cambrian Innovation.

Gerhardt Carsten

 Partner, A.T. Kearney, Germany

Gerhardt Carsten is a Partner at A.T. Kearney in Germany.

Elisa Tonda

Head, UNEP Economy Division

Elisa Tonda is the Head of the Consumption and Production Unit in UNEP Economy Division

Giorgos Demetriou

Director, Circular Economy Research Center, Paris

Giorgos Demetriou is the Director of the Circular Economy Research Center in Paris.

Mathy Stanislaus

Interim Director, Global Battery Alliance

Mathy Stanislaus is the Interim Director of the Global Battery Alliance GBA, a multi-stakeholder platform of focused on driving GHG reductions in the power and energy sectors via a circular battery value chains and battery enabled renewable energy.

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Very Good


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