Child Development Center for the Children of Nomadic Herders in Mongolia

"Child Development Centers help nomadic herders' kids in Mongolia."

In Mongolia, when nomadic herders' children reach school age, they go to the soum (district) center to attend school. They stay in school dormitories, which are usually miles away from home and their parents. To help them keep up with studies and enrich their after-school life, "Child Development Centers" were built.

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- Mar 29, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Jan 22, 2020
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Andradiet I.J

- Nov 10, 2019
every human being has right to get proper education. Will not be able to compete for a decent sustainable life without education.


- Apr 22, 2019
Quality of education will help those kids to have a better future


- Apr 6, 2019
Interesting info! Thanks!


- Apr 1, 2019
Topik Sangat Menarik


- Jul 5, 2018

Jesús Manuel

- Mar 13, 2018
well done!

Jesús Manuel

- Mar 13, 2017
liked and shared,great info.
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