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CBIN Webinar Series: Online Mentoring for Entrepreneurs – Results from the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center Pilot

Mentoring is often cited as a critical support element for new businesses, however, in small or fragmented economies access to good mentors can be limited or the pool too small, not to mention the quality and cost constraints of running a mentorship program.  Online mentoring — connecting mentors and mentees through an online platform — offers a potential work around and widens the pool, but how effective is it? And how does this process and experience differ compared to traditional face to face mentoring?  This webinar will cover the recent World Bank pilot on online mentoring, provided by MicroMentor to a clean tech incubator, the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center that ran from January to June 2018. The session will cover the key features of the MicroMentor online platform, CCIC staff and entrepreneurs will speak to their experiences participating in the pilot program. We will also discuss potential next steps for rolling out the platform to other CBIN members.
This webinar is offered by The World Bank Group’s Open Learning Campus (OLC) and Climate Technology Program (CTP). The World Bank’s Climate Technology Program (CTP), housed in the Finance, Competitiveness, and Innovation Global Practice (FCI GP), empowers developing countries to proactively and profitably adapt, develop, and deploy climate smart technologies and business models that meet local needs and drive growth, competitiveness, and employment. CTP has established a network of eight Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) - in Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Morocco, and the Caribbean - to support early stage climate technology companies with a holistic set of services including proof-of-concept grants, business advisory and training, and access to business/technical facilities. As a core part of the Climate Business Innovation Network (CBIN), CTP aims to improve the operational effectiveness of its CICs and other intermediary organizations supporting green startups and growing businesses in developing countries. 
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About the Presenters

Emily Joy

Emily serves as the point of contact to provide support to clients, responding to their individual needs and improving their experience and outcomes with MicroMentor. She is also responsible for sales and marketing support, leading global trainings, helping to strengthen partnerships and continuously seeking new opportunities to collaborate. Emily has extensive experience in community economic development projects in the US and Latin America working with entrepreneurs and mentors to launch small and medium size businesses. She is adept at cross-cultural communications and is passionate about working with people to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that cultivate human potential through social entrepreneurship.

Carlinton Burrell

The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC) was launched in 2013 and has thematic focus areas in water management, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, solar energy, and resource use efficiency. Carlinton serves as head of CCIC, in his role he has contributed to the commercialization of over 7 products from 5 different countries. He is also currently pursuing his Doctoral studies in Climate Change at the University of the West Indies.

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Results from the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center Pilot


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