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Catalyzing the next generation of climate markets through the World Bank’s Climate Warehouse Initiative

Under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, there is a significant opportunity for countries to cooperate through the use of climate markets. It is estimated that Article 6, if implemented well, could halve the total cost of implementing countries’ nationally determined contributions (NDCs). COP 24, held in Poland at the end of 2018, adopted the “Paris Rulebook” to define the rules and procedures for implementing the Paris Agreement. However, there was a lack of agreement on Article 6, and related decisions were deferred to COP 25 this year. The World Bank has initiated a broad program of activities to support Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, and engages in wide consultations to develop a targeted strategy to operationalize Article 6. This webinar will present the World Bank’s strategy for catalyzing the next generation of climate markets, and provide a deep-dive into the World Bank’s Climate Warehouse initiative.

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Sandhya Srinivasan

Sandhya Srinivasan is a Climate Change Specialist with the World Bank’s Carbon Markets and Innovation team. Her work focuses on the development of new products and concepts to mobilize financing for implementing and scaling up climate change solutions. She currently leads the Climate Warehouse program, which focuses on catalyzing the global demand and supply for post-2020 emission reductions. Sandhya’s previous work focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in South Asia. She also worked with Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) on policy design and effectiveness, and has been published in renewable energy journals. Sandhya has a Master's degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a Bachelor’s in Business Studies, specializing in finance, from the University of Delhi.

Stephanie Rogers

Stephanie Rogers is a Financial Specialist at the World Bank, focusing on the development and implementation of innovative financial instruments to address climate change. Stephanie leads the World Bank’s Climate Auctions Program, including the Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation, and co-leads the Carbon Markets and Innovation team’s work on operationalizing new market instruments under the Paris Agreement. Before joining the World Bank, Stephanie worked on corporate sustainability and risk management at the International Finance Corporation and as an attorney in government and private practice.

Target Audience

Climate change stakeholders, policy makers, researchers, scholars, government, private sector, civil society, NGOs

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Very interesting.


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Great Course! very knowledgeable documents!


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Great learning

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- Feb 7, 2020
Catalyzing the next generation of climate markets through the World Bank’s Climate Warehouse Initiative


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Great initiative taken.


- Nov 24, 2019
Catalyzing the next generation of climate markets through the World Bank’s Climate Warehouse Initiative
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