BlueTech: “Disrupting” The Blue Economy (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)
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May 23, 2022 12:00 AM - Jun 05, 2022 12:00 AM EDT | Virtual

BlueTech: “Disrupting” The Blue Economy (Virtual Knowledge Exchange)

Last Day to Enroll:  May 27, 2022

The Blue Economy is an emerging focus area for sustainable development in many countries (many have more marine area than terrestrial area under their jurisdiction). There are a range of development opportunities in sustainable fisheries/ aquaculture, addressing marine pollution, resilient seascape management, and rethinking oceanic sectors that can help them with growth and poverty alleviation goals. These are complemented by sustainability and governance challenges including marine pollution (including plastics/microplastics), climate risks exacerbated by climate change (sea level rise, coastal storms and flooding), coastal erosion, and inadequate information, institutional, and infrastructure capacity and frameworks to manage these issues effectively. Emerging technologies have the capacity to “disrupt” the blue economy by helping countries leapfrog and scale impact when adopted effectively. These include “disruptive technologies” that are already helping rethink informatics for decision support, operational systems, and stakeholder interaction in “BlueTech”. There is a strong need especially in the developing world to learn from emerging global good practices and risk management measures in a rapidly changing technological environment. The World Bank’s Open Learning Campus (OLC), the Digital Development Global Practice, and the Environment, Natural Resources & Blue Economy Global Practice are helping document and showcase evolving global innovations of interest to this new BlueTech world as part of this free virtual knowledge exchange. This learning framework will also include live sessions in English (with live translation into French, and Spanish) to introduce the evolving concept of “BlueTech” with examples drawn from around the world. This will be supported by an interactive resource book (with an associated data catalog and knowledge explorer), that will help users learn at their own pace and be a “live” resource with additional innovations e-packaged over time. No pre-requisites except a desire to learn about BlueTech. Successful participants will need to attend the two “live” webinars, review the learning material, participate in the discussion e-forums and complete an information and fun quiz to get completion certificates from the OLC.

Target Audience

• Staff working on Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy, Digital Development, Climate, Water Resources, Disaster Management, geospatial systems and other innovative technologies aspects across the World Bank Group who are interested in improving their understanding of use of new technologies in the Blue Economy. • Client government agencies and project units working on environment, natural resources, and blue economy operations who are improving awareness of the practical use of new technologies and are seeking to learn more especially about global (including Korean) experience. • Other stakeholders including from academia, private sector (incl. sustainable development consultants), and development partners working on both environment and technology aspects.

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- May 25, 2022
Very important topic. I’m glad to be here.

Jude Adekunle

- May 24, 2022
This is a good initiative, I am happy to be here


- May 24, 2022
This topic is broad based and very important to the attainment of the SDGs targets. It cut across almost all the sectors as the impact is felt across board. Nothing can be a better platform for this other than distruptive technology.


- May 24, 2022
we have a challenge of digital system and internet . Can we lean the topic in YouTube channel?

Tano Michel

- May 23, 2022

This is such an important topic

Ajay Kumar

- May 17, 2022
Excellent Initiative


- May 15, 2022
Muy importante y oportuno desarrollar el tema de la ECONOMIA AZUL.


- May 14, 2022

S. P.

- May 13, 2022
Interesting and highly relevant


- May 11, 2022
Very relevant
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