Behavioral Science for Development: A Storytelling Series

9 Part Series

Behavioral Science for Development: A Storytelling Series

Human behavior is at the core of nearly everything that the World Bank does. Because behaviorally informed policy emphasizes the importance of context for decision making and behavior, behavioral science can be a tool for low-cost, high-impact change in World Bank Group operations, providing creative solutions to difficult challenges.

In the Poverty and Equity Global Practice, the Mind, Behavior, and Development Unit (eMBeD), the World Bank's behavioral science team, works closely with project teams, governments, and other partners to diagnose, design, and evaluate behaviorally informed interventions. But they're not the only ones incorporating a behavioral lens into Bank work—the agenda is gaining traction across the institution.

In this Bite series, nine World Bank staff members give lightning talks on applying behavioral science to intractable problems that matter to all of us. 

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- Sep 9, 2021
Good series.

jose luis

- Jul 13, 2021


- Jun 18, 2021


- Jan 21, 2021
Great course! informative and knowledgeable documents.

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Jun 7, 2019


- Apr 9, 2019
Behavioral Science for Development: A Storytelling Series
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