Behavior Change for Health System Strengthening and Achieving Universal Health Coverage (Self-paced)
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Behavior Change for Health System Strengthening and Achieving Universal Health Coverage (Self-paced)

Human behavior is a key determinant of health. Consider the leading risk factors for the top causes of death and disabilities: underweight mothers and children; unsafe sex; high blood pressure; smoking; alcohol abuse; unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene; high cholesterol; indoor smoke from solid fuels; iron deficiency; and overweight. In poor countries, two risk factors--childhood underweight and unsafe sex-- contribute more to the loss of healthy life-years in the world than all diseases and injuries in high-income countries, and they can be addressed through effective behavior-change interventions. Our standard approaches have had limited success in persuading people to adopt healthier behaviors. Information alone does not usually lead to behavior-change. New and growing evidence points to a different way of approaching behavior-change, and not only in the health sector. The challenge is to adapt this new knowledge and use it in design of reforms for UHC.

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- Jan 5, 2023
how do I get evaluated to enable me to conclude the course? a very reliable course that is relevant for the social changes the World is experiencing


- Jan 4, 2023
Look forward to new learning!

Pauline Faith

- Jan 2, 2023
I am excited to be here. Please feel free to connect with me.


- Dec 8, 2022
Looking forward to learn alot of things

jose luis

- May 30, 2022


- Feb 19, 2022
Great Course!

Mahaman Mourtala

- Sep 13, 2021

Christian Chukwumereuche

- Jul 31, 2021
Having acknowledged the fact that I did really enjoyed the course, yet I would like to recommend this here aso. In FutureLearn platform for example, they programmed their video so it could be downloadable. That strategy alone is priceless. I would recommend it here please. Those recordings would benefit those with special needs like the blind or those with different learning impairments. Even those who are not physically challenged could listen to it back to back all over to internalize the lesson since the end game is to see that the course produces attitudinal changes that promotes healthy living. It is just my observation.

Christian Chukwumereuche

- Jul 31, 2021
Great course. I did enjoy every bit of it.


- Apr 26, 2021
Interesting and very good information.
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