Basics of Public Financial Management (Self-paced)

Basics of Public Financial Management (Self-paced)

This e-Learning course on the basics of public financial management provides a quick introduction to PFM, explains the budget cycle, describes how accounting and financial reporting is done in the public sector, clarifies the concepts of internal controls and differentiates it from an internal audit, and explains how governments are audited.

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- May 3, 2019
Hello World Bank, Please,how could participants access the learning materials on Basics of Public Financial Management (Self paced) or the course has closed? Kind regards, Isaac.


- Apr 4, 2019
Topik sangat menarik

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 26, 2019
Introduction to Innovation Policy


- Mar 25, 2019


- Mar 19, 2019
Menarik sekali


- Mar 13, 2019
Hi every one i'm from Somalia. i'm very interesting to take this course really is vital for me because i work ministry finance, so i believe to advance my knowledge public financial management


- Mar 1, 2019

Md. Tanvir

- Jan 13, 2019
unavailabilty of pdf material caused me to drop this course, the information were hugging each other with in short space, HIGH degree of Unorganized syllabus i've ever seen.


- Sep 27, 2018
really interesting but i have done the course but if i go to view my marks am told its zero ...what are the basis for awarding marks


- Sep 27, 2018
Usefull to enhance basic skill well draft, congrats to course developer
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