An Attractive Environment: The Netherlands Approach to Identifying/Screening PPP Projects

The Netherlands has a rich history of private participation in the development of its public infrastructure, dating back to the country’s beginnings in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. However, the idea of formalized PPP immigrated to the Dutch political establishment in the 1980s from the United Kingdom’s experimentation with private finance initiatives. As a solution to the country’s ...view more

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Jan van Schoonhoven

David Baxter

Rob Richards

Rob Richards is a PPP & Infrastructure Consultant for the World Bank Group’s PPP Cross-Cutting Solution Area (CCSA). Currently he is collaborating on the development of a PPP screening tool to facilitate governments in better identifying potential PPP projects. Rob has reviewed more than 20 PPP unit identification and screening tools and methodologies. He is leading a webinar series on the same subject matter. He also works with the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility on database improvement/management, and has worked on the PPP CCSA comments team, Private Participation in Infrastructure Database, and an internal PPP tagging exercise.

Rob has a BA in Political Science and History from the University of Florida and an MS in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

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interesting, thanks

Jesús Manuel

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Dr. Illakkuvan

- Nov 28, 2016
"Approaches to PPP selection is encompassed in three main analyses: Market Scan, Public-Private Comparator, and Public Sector Comparator"! Excellent Approach!!
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