Appraising the Wider Economic Benefits of Transport Corridor Investments (Self-Paced)
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Appraising the Wider Economic Benefits of Transport Corridor Investments (Self-Paced)

The course reviews case studies of past and recent corridor initiatives, provides rigorous analysis of the literature on the spatial impact of corridors, and offers assessments of corridor investment projects supported by international development organizations. A series of spotlights examines such issues as private sector co-investment; the impacts of corridors on small enterprises and women; and issues with implementing cross-border corridors. The course aims to introduce its participants to a sound empirical methodology that could ensure that the social and economic benefits of transport corridor investments are more widely and equitably spread, and possible negative impacts such as congestion, environmental degradation, and other risks or unintended consequences are minimized or avoided. The appraisal perspective and methodology introduced in this course shows how the web of interconnected elements around corridors can be disentangled and the most promising corridor proposals—the ones with the greatest wider economic benefits (WEB)—can be selected.

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jose luis

- May 30, 2022

Mahaman Mourtala

- Nov 19, 2021
Interesting course!


- Jan 8, 2021
great course


- Nov 29, 2020
i have completed this course but i can not get the certification. I spend my valuable time and only get the knowledge but not certificate. would you help me to achievements .


- May 21, 2020
Very necessary.


- May 6, 2020
This topic is crucial part of urban transport infrastructure projects.


- Mar 7, 2020
An important issue!
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