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The Application of Results-Based Financing for Urban Transport

This webinar series introduces innovative financing mechanisms that contribute to development solutions, linking needs, objectives and actual results. This series will focus on Results-based financing (RBF), in particular, which has emerged as an important tool for financing basic services because it changes the focus from inputs – funding given in advance for expected results – to verified outputs. As a center of expertise for RBF, the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) brings together practitioners and development partners to share results, experiences and lessons on RBF.

This webinar will focus on urban transport systems, which are crucial to economic and social development, and are particularly important for connecting poor populations to jobs, education, and health services. As the developing world rapidly urbanizes, there is an opportunity to build safer, cleaner, and more inclusive transport systems. In order to better understand the urban transport landscape and how output-based aid (OBA) might be applied most effectively in the sector, GPOBA undertook an urban transport study. Completed in 2016, the study developed OBA pilot concepts and presented recommendations for the identification and preparation of OBA urban transport projects.

About the Presenters

Alejandro Hoyos Guerrero

Alejandro Hoyos Guerrero is a Transport Specialist in the World Bank´s Transport and ICT Global Practice. He supports urban transport projects mainly in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. Alejandro is passionate about how to maximize sustainability and impact of transport projects from various perspectives. He received an LL.M. and a BA in Economics from Carlos III University of Madrid complemented by a MA in international business administration funded by ICEX. Since he joined the Bank as an Operations Analyst in 2012, he has enjoyed learning from multiple challenges by working in very different cities and projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Twitter: @hoyos_guerrero

Zaruhi (Zara) Tokhmakhyan

Zaruhi (Zara) Tokhmakhyan is a Senior Infrastructure Specialist at the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. Zara joined the Bank in 1995, and has since held various positions in infrastructure sectors, including water supply and sanitation, transport, urban program, and disaster risk management. She joined the Global Partnership for Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) program in 2015, working on piloting OBA projects and exploring RBF approaches to support the poor in accessing basic infrastructure and social services. Zara has authored several publications on various topics, including public-private partnerships in infrastructure sectors, tariff regulations, and housing. Prior to joining the World Bank, Zara worked at the Finance Department of the City of Pasadena, California. She has an MA in Urban Management and Public Affairs from Indiana University.

Target Audience

Output-Based Aid/Results Based Financing Community of Practice members, TTLs of specific sectors, strategic donors, academia, project implementers, governments, Information about OBA/RBF is in high demand within the Sustainable Development Practice Group and with clients and donors. Social sector.

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Urban Transport


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The Application of Results-Based Financing for Urban Transport

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