ALP - Coaching and Facilitating ALP Courses
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ALP - Coaching and Facilitating ALP Courses

There are a wide range of ALP face-to-face courses available for ALP trainers to deliver to agricultural organizations. ALP experts and instructional designers have developed a series of well prepared and complete packages of classroom presentation materials to enable ALP facilitators to provide learners with a compelling and effective classroom experience.
Once the learners return to their organizations, ALP coaches arrange for follow-up visits to the organization to meet with learners and members and provide additional guidance and support to address the needs of the organization.
This 2-part elearning course provides an overview of the recommended approaches to facilitating ALP courses, including an overview of the information that is typically included within the ALP course instructor guide materials, and how to best present this learning. It also presents a recommended approach for conducting the post-class coaching assistance for ALP learners once they return to their organizations.

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