AI-Aware Professional: Machine Learning for Business Professionals

AI-Aware Professional: Machine Learning for Business Professionals

"Drive Data Literacy across WBG: Free Online Curricula in AI Aware Professional."

This course is intended to be an introduction to machine learning for non-technical business professionals. There is a lot of hype around machine learning and many people are concerned that in order to use machine learning in business, you need to have a technical background. For reasons that are covered in this course, that's not the case. In actuality, your knowledge of your business is far more important than your ability to build an ML model from scratch.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to:
• Formulate machine learning solutions to real-world problems
• Identify whether the data you have is sufficient for ML
• Carry a project through various ML phases including training, evaluation, and deployment
• Perform AI responsibly and avoid reinforcing existing bias
• Discover ML use cases
• Be successful at ML

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