Agricultural Sector Risk Assessment
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Agricultural Sector Risk Assessment

This course presents the World Bank Methodology for Agricultural Sector Risk Assessment using Zambia as a case study. It is also based on the World Bank report Increasing Agricultural Resilience through Better Risk Management in Zambia. The principal risks the agricultural sector faces in terms of the severity and frequency of adverse impacts are identified. The effects of the risks on food security, rural livelihoods, and the broader economy are also documented, including pathways for managing the risks. Prioritization of risk management solutions further enables the identification of the most important areas that warrant priority with significant potential for synergizing actions undertaken across the risk management solutions.

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- Sep 27, 2018
very Nice course And very useful , recommend to friends


- Sep 27, 2018
Course Development And Framework done Very Beautifully ,This is Explore And Prevent to Agriculture Practice


- Sep 4, 2018
Very good contents and informative course. I could augment my understanding after completing the course.

Adaora victoria

- Aug 20, 2018
Agriculture is the basis source of development that contributes over 70% income and provide food security for the nation at large, therefore there is need to encourage and develop the mechanized farming globally.


- Aug 15, 2018


- Aug 2, 2018
Boa tarde amigos, infelizmente não estou conseguindo ter acesso a integra do curso. poderiam me ajudar?


- May 10, 2020
Nice content and informative course.


- Jul 31, 2018
,Great discussion

Israel Simon

- Jul 20, 2018
Agriculture contributes over 50% employments globally, and it is key to food security and sustainability. In order to save the world and our future, it is important to develop mechanism to assess risks, and other vulnerabilities in agricultural sector, and effectively harness and deploy best practices, to achieve sustainable development goals, food security, and economic growth.


- Jul 2, 2018
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