Africa's Youth in Action

The series showcase the profile of young, bright, innovative entrepreneurs and experts to crowdsource solutions to real-life development issues in Africa such as the importance of the arts, entrepreneurship, youth leadership and agriculture in development.


Africa's Youth in Action: Youths, Leaders of the Future. Meet Tina Razafinimanana.

Profile of Tina, Youth First CEO- the first youth led organization In Madagascar, championing youth driven development. "The youths should be at the center of their own development and given the tools to become the best that they want to be".


Africa's Youth in Action: Supporting our Farmers. Meet Michael Adeola.

Profile of Michael Adeola, Team Oxygen co-Founder - an initiative seeking to promote financial deepening and inclusion in the rice value chain for farmers in Nigeria. Farmers do not easily have access to financing opportunities, mainly due to lack of securities. Their proposal is to set up a warehousing receipts system to be used as collateral for loans. Team Oxygen encourages the youth to take initiatives to tackle issues they face in their communities


Africa's Youth in Action: Youth Leadership, the Way Forward for Africa. Meet Eric Chinje.

Interview with Eric Chinje. African youth need to understand that we are not in the right place until all of us are. There is a need a cultural shift among the young leaders to ensure that the African continent does not repeat the same patterns of the older generations. Young Africans have various tools and means at their disposal in terms of education, partnerships, technology; to make the continent a better place.


Africa's Youth in Action: Youth Entrepreneurship, a Key to Success. Meet Albert Zeufack.

Interview with Albert Zeufack. Young leaders are the new generation that should think about creating their own jobs. Entrepreneurship is the way for success. The youth should also look beyond their own frontiers for development ideas. The East Asian experience is the most relevant to the African youth, these are countries that have managed to escape poverty in a relatively short timespan.


Africa's Youth in Action: Art, a Force for Development. Meet Emma Adjovi.

The youth should consider the creative industries for success and development. Not only for entertainment. The arts create jobs, it allows the youth to maintain a cultural identity and encourage unique perspectives and innovation. The development of Africa is not limited to manufacturing or financial industries, the creative industries should also be considered as a tool for development. Beyond the imagination, the creative industries generate income and contribute to the economies.

About the Presenters

Tina Razafinimanana

Razafinimanana Tina has over 20 years experience in the field of youth engagement. At 20, she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the MDGs by PNUD in New York and contributed to policy development and program for young people at national, continental and international levels. Since 2013, she is the coordinator for gender equity within Intrahealth International. Having capitalized her experience as an activist and professional, she founded in 2011 an organization called Youth First aimed primarily promoting young people aged 15-24.


Business Advisor Oxfam, Co-founder Team Oxygen. Prior to this, He was a Project Team Lead on a Goldman Sachs sponsored consulting initiative for SMEs in Nigeria, and gained broad experience in developing SMEs across different industries.

Eric Chinje

Mr. Eric Chinje is the CEO of AMI. Before taking up his position at AMI, Eric served as Senior Advisor at the KRL International LLC, a Washington-based consultancy specializing in the emerging markets. Prior to that, he was the Director for Strategic Communications and Advisor at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, a position he took up at the start of 2012. He was also the World Bank's Communications Manager for Africa.

Albert Zeufack

Albert G. Zeufack is Practice Manager in the Global Practice for Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management of the World Bank. He is also the Acting Global Lead and Community of Practice Leader for the Management of Natural Resource Rents. Prior to assuming this position in July 2014, he was the Sector Manager for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) for Central and East Africa.

Emma Adjovi

Emma Adjovi is the CEO and Founder of the Emma Style Fashion brand and Emma Mag magazine. Passionate about women entrepreneurship and art, she joined the industry after a background in pharmacy and owns a strategic communications consultancy in Senegal.