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African Incubators: how to leverage the potential of open innovation?

A short training on how to leverage open innovation as a powerful tool for diverse actors of the ecosystem – notably incubators.

This webinar will be:

-Presenting open innovation: concept background, theoretical principles, objectives, illustrations.

-Focus on ‘corporate open innovation’: introduction to the diverse types of programmes fostering firms & start-ups collaboration, highlights on best practices, etc.

-Opportunities & risks analysis: understanding what are the opportunities & risks taken, how to anticipate them.

-The incubator’s role: presenting what role can be played by the incubator (before – during – after), in order to foster partnerships between firms and start-ups and create relevant open innovation programs.

About the Presenters

Isabelle Hoyaux

Isabelle Hoyaux is the founder of ScaleChanger, an organization which supports the scaling up of impact proven solutions through expertise, strategic consultancy and training in Europe, Africa and Asia. With an Msc in statistics (Imperial College, UK) and a MBA (ESSEC Business School, France), Isabelle has 18 years’ work experience in inclusive entrepreneurship. She worked as business strategy consultant at L.E.K., then as CFO of Unis-Cité. On the international level, as executive director of CIDR, and at Right To Sight, she built a strong expertise in the design and scaling up of inclusive enterprises. Today, with ScaleChanger, she supports the scaling of innovations by providing strategic and operational support to entrepreneurs, guiding incubators on how to deliver acceleration services and advising policymakers on how to create an enabling environment for scaling successful models. She is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and academic director of the leadership programme LeAD Campus.

Yoon-Joo Jee

Yoon-Joo is ScaleChanger’s project coordinator. She supports organizations in their scaling-up: she analyzes the potential to scale-up, designs scale-up strategies and methodologies and helps in the implementation. She also delivers training to entrepreneurs (scale-up, innovative business models, open innovation, etc.) Before joining ScaleChanger, Yoon-Joo was a consultant in open innovation & collective intelligence at bluenove, a Paris-based consultancy, where she developed an extensive knowledge on the methods to foster collaborative innovation (hackathon, challenges, change management, online platforms, etc.) She also worked at a Ugandan social enterprise, Green Bio Energy, where she delivered work on the following assignments: business development, capacity building, fundraising and social impact assessment.

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Knowledgeable information.


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Great knowledge !


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how to leverage the potential of open innovation


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Encouraging business incubation, creating new jobs and new opportunities

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