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'Africa-Korea' DAT Knowledge Exchange: Facilitating Collaboration between Kenya and South Korea’s Agri-tech Systems

"Agtech startups from Korea and Kenya introduce solutions and seek collaboration opportunities"

South Korea boasts a high adoption of digital technologies in agriculture. South Korean agri-tech ecosystem is evolved, advanced and mature, providing an opportunity for the other regions to learn from its evolution. The Disruptive Agriculture Technology (DAT) Roadshow organized by the Africa Region, Agriculture Global Practice, recognizes an immense learning opportunity between Africa and South Korea.

This webinar is one of the first in a series of knowledge exchange sessions between Africa and South Korea. Startups are invited from both Kenya and South Korea to share their stories, discuss their solutions, the startup environments in the two countries, common challenges they face, and if possible, identify synergies to work together in the future. This webinar is organized in partnership with Born2Global (B2G), a global incubator and an accelerator of South Korea, and sponsored by the Korea-World Bank partnership Facility (KWPF).

About the Presenters

Shobha Shetty

Practice Manager, Sustainable Development, Africa Region, World Bank

Jeehye Kim

Agriculture Economist, Sustainable Development, Africa Region, World Bank

Vinay Kumar Vutukuru

Senior Agriculture Economist, Sustainable Development, Africa Region, World Bank 

Sok-Jin Chang

Director of International Cooperation, Born2Global Centre (B2G)

Haan Chae

CEO, Smarf

Emmanuel Bakirdjian

Africa Regional Director, Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD)

Benson Gathungu

Business Development, SunCulture

Steve Kim

Managing Director, uLikeKorea

Vincent Kimani

Director Communications & Marketing, DigiCow

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- Oct 26, 2022
Taking account of the main and urgent challenge of the overall Africa food security trend, the Korea Ag Tech startup may go forward in putting before the implemention of a kind of Kenya Green Digital Deal inducing agriculture and livestock high productivity as well as being attractive reference for all young African farmers thanks to the inspiring experience driven by the upcoming Kenya smart farm outdoor which is already evolving and should be enhanced by the Africa-Korea Ag Tech startups supported by varied stakeholders including the Disruptive Agriculture Technologies Roadshow ongoing in Afeica region in order to come over the cyclical food deficit across Africa and to increase the income and financial inclusion driven by agriculture and livestock in favor of smallholder farmers scattered in all remote rural areas of Africa.

jose luis

- Jul 16, 2022
muy bueno


- Sep 16, 2021
Good series.

Jes�s Manuel

- Aug 11, 2021
Great Conversation


- May 28, 2021


- Mar 13, 2021

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Jan 27, 2021
Facilitating Collaboration between Kenya and South Korea’s Agri-tech Systems


- Jan 13, 2021


- Jan 11, 2021

Mohammad Nadir

- Jan 10, 2021
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