Advances in Financial Sector Analysis and Policy (Self-paced)

Advances in Financial Sector Analysis and Policy (Self-paced)

The recent financial crisis has prompted a profound rethinking of many topics in financial sector development and has been a catalyst for policy debates on the appropriate role of state in financial development. The world has also seen a renewed focus on the need to improve access to financial services to the poor and unbanked. Progress towards broad based financial inclusion can provide new opportunities to the estimated 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world.

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- Oct 23, 2018
I am interested in understanding whether, the social safety or different social protection programmes, have a significant effect on financial behaviors on low income households in rwanda. I think thorough reading of these materials shall provide an added value to my research.


- Sep 27, 2018
very Nice course And very useful , recommend to friends Very Good Course


- Jun 9, 2018


- Jun 7, 2018
Very informative and relevant. Brings a whole new perspective regarding issues such as financial inclusion, policy analysis, financial system strength etc.


- Jun 5, 2018


- Mar 13, 2018
This course focused on the regulatory and the supervisory practices regarding financial practices and management. In this world, we want the financial inclusion so to provide new opportunities and sustainability of the economic through social participation.


- Jan 29, 2018
The course content is very informative and knowledge oriented. The course is very much useful in letting the readers to know about the standards of the Financial systems of the world as a whole. This course will have to be made compulsory for all the Financial students


- Jan 19, 2018
Nice Course


- Nov 5, 2017
I am interested in this course

Mike jnr Onyinye

- Jul 28, 2017
This is another fantastic course
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