Knowledge Note

Transport has been identified as a sector that is particularly vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. For this reason, explicit provisions for HIV prevention and awareness training are now embedded in the World Bank standard bidding documents for procurement of works in excess of US$10 million. These provisions were developed for countries with high national prevalence rates for HIV/AIDS. However, countries of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) have low prevalence rates of 1 percent or below, even in the worst affected countries of the region such as Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus, and Moldova. Using funds from the Transport and HIV/AIDS Incentive Trust Fund supported by the Global AIDS Program (GHAP), a study was undertaken on the viability of developing a risk-based approach for HIV/AIDS interventions to be applied in low prevalence countries. This note summarizes the findings of the work and presents an approach for addressing HIV/AIDS issues in transport projects in the South Caucasus.

About the Presenters

Christopher R. Bennett

Julie Babinard

Satoshi Ishihara

Robb Butler