Achieving Results for Women’s and Children's Health through Results-Based Financing

Although there has been unprecedented progress made in improving the lives of women, adolescents, and children over the past two decades, there remains considerable unfinished work. Results-Based Financing is one of the approaches being used in the health sector to help accelerate progress towards improving the health and quality of life goals for women and children. This series offers an intro... view more


What is RBF? Achieving Results for Women’s and Children’s Health

An introduction to how Results-Based Financing (RBF) works to help improve access to more and better quality basic health services for women and children.


Enabling Continuous Quality of Care Improvement in RBF Programs

An overview of how RBF projects ensure continuous quality improvements.


Paying for Results: The Role of Verification in RBF

How RBF projects use verification to ensure that domestic and international financing pays for results.


Understanding the How and Why: Using Research to drive better implementation and learning

How RBF programs use both quantitative and qualitative research tools to learn what works, why and how