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7. Korea Office BBL - Leveraging Big Data and ICT-based Innovative Solutions for FCV-Affected Situations

"Experiences in applying machine learning tools to current data from phones, drones, and satellites, as well as Geo-enabling Initiative for Monitoring and Supervision"

BBL Date - November 19, 2019

In the recent years, there has been growing demands for ICT-based innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of development interventions in fragile and conflict affected situations. Various efforts are being made to apply a range of ICT-based solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, remote sensing, blockchain, geospatial analytics, and big data. Despite several challenges of applying ICT-based solutions in FCV settings, these technologies are being applied to further refine early warning and proactive risk management, to increase accountability and transparency of development interventions, and to improve delivery of core services in hard to reach areas.
This BBL presents both WBG and Korean institution’s experiences in leveraging ICT-based innovative solutions to tackle development challenges. This includes presentations of experiences in applying machine learning tools to current data from phones, drones, and satellites, as well as Geo-enabling Initiative for Monitoring and Supervision. These initiatives have been supported by the Korea Trust Fund for Economic Transition and Peacebuilding. The BBL also introduces and discusses the Global Epidemic Prevention Platform, a mobile application-based platform that uses big data on health, developed by Korea Telecoms as part of their social responsibility initiative. A set of questions for this BBL includes:

  • What kind of ICT-based innovations work in FCV settings? How can development actors better leverage the latest ICT innovations in FCV settings or weak capacity environments?
  • How does a private company leverage their core competencies on ICT innovations as to increase their positive development footprints in FCV settings or other weak capacity environments?

This BBL is jointly organized by the WBG Korea office and the FCV Group and is part of the Korea office Innovations and Technology BBL series. The BBL series highlights Korean partnership on use of innovative and technology-driven solutions for development.

About the Presenters

Hoon Sahib Soh

Special Representative / Country Manager
World Bank Group Korea Office 

Keith Patrick Garrett

Senior Geographer -Geospatial Operations Support Team
World Bank

Annabelle Michele Adrien Vinois

Consultant - Geo-Enabling Initiative for Monitoring and Supervision Team
Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group, World Bank

Jihye Hyun

Program Manager - Sustainability Management Unit
KT Corporation

Hongju Lee

Assistant Manager - Big Data Business Unit
KT Corporation

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interesting, thank you

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- Jul 17, 2022
muy bueno

Mahaman Mourtala

- Dec 8, 2021

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Mohammad Nadir

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- Jan 20, 2021
Great Course! Leveraging Big Data and ICT-based Innovative Solutions, its a very important Knowledgeable course


- Jan 14, 2021
very good


- Jun 6, 2020
The pictoral presentation on North East Nigeria using Remote sensing Geographical mapping in order to supervise the level of development is a welcome development.


- Jun 4, 2020
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