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7. IFC-GBAC Webinar Series - Flattening the climate risk curve

"The banking sector should initiate a training process to understand climate risks and install good management practices in their processes."

Based on the NDCs and 21 emerging markets economies that represent 48 percent of global emissions, IFC estimates a climate investment opportunity worth $23 trillion through 2030. Due to this opportunity, banks will need to improve their ability to assess climate-related investments, including climate risks.

About the Presenters

Soledad Diaz Noriega

Partner, Management Solutions

Soledad has 20 years of experience in the consulting sector for financial institutions, in the Sustainability and Risk Management of Climate and Environmental Change areas in Management Solutions. Her knowledge has helped to generate transformational projects for financial institutions as well as in publications specialized in this field.

Jose Maria Roldan

President, Spanish Banking Association (AEB)

Jose Maria Roldan has been President of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) since April 2014. Additionally, he was the General Director of Regulation and Financial Stability of the Bank of Spain and a member of its Executive Board. From May 2015 to June 2019 he was the Vice-President of the European Banking Federation (EBF). Jose founded and was the first Chairman of the European Committee of Banking Supervisors (CEBS), a forerunner of the European Banking Authority (EBA). He previously was the Chair of the International Financial Action Group against Money Laundering (GAFI) and the now defunct EU Banking Advisory Committee (BAC).

Giorgio Trtettenero

General Secretary, FELABAN 

Giorgio Trtettenero is the General Secretary of the Latin American Federation of Banks, FELABAN. It brings together more than 600 banks in 18 countries, through the presidents of the Banks of the 18 banking associations in Latin America. He is an Economist at the University of Lima and he has an MBA from ESAN (Escuela Superior de Administración de Negocios) in Peru. Also, he was part of the top international management group of the Santander Group globally. 

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Very good

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- Oct 3, 2021


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- May 28, 2021

jose luis

- Apr 27, 2021
la CFI estima una oportunidad de inversión climática por valor de $ 23 billones hasta 2030.


- Jan 12, 2021

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Nov 11, 2020
Flattening the climate risk curve

Mohammad Nadir

- Nov 6, 2020
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