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6. IFC-GBAC Webinar Series - From Genes to our Plates: Evolving Resilient Systems to Prevent Disease on a Changing Planet

"Climate change has accelerated changes that our environment has experienced in recent times and the traditional human adaptation capacity."

This webinar is a call for understanding that climate, nutrition, and healthcare are interrelated. Fighting against the spread of infectious diseases and pandemics is also about fighting against climate change.  And building a climate and infectious disease resilient world calls for new ways of investing in fundamental research so that we are better prepared and recover faster from pandemics.

About the Presenters

José María Ordovás Muñoz

Director Nutrition and Genomics, USDA-HNRCA, Tufts University, Group Leader, IMDEA Food

José María Ordovás Muñoz directs the Laboratory of Nutrition and Genetics at the USDA-Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University (Boston, USA). He is a Group Leader at the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Food and a researcher at the National Center for Cardiovascular Research in Spain. Currently, he is the President of the Multidisciplinary Group of Scientists that advice on COVID-19-related issues to the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

José Ordovás-Montañes

Principal Investigator, Boston Children’s Hospital, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Associate Member of the Broad Institute, and Principal Faculty, Harvard Stem Cell Institute

José Ordovás-Montañes' research focuses on how inflammation drives adaptation and memory formation within human tissues that interface with the environment. His research to date has focused on diseases such as allergic inflammation, Crohn’s, colitis, psoriasis, and eczema, but he recently expanded this focus to identifying the putative target cells of SARS-CoV-2 infection and discovered that our bodies own anti-viral defenses can drive the key factor which allows for viral entry, but also tissue protection. His group seeks to build a welcoming and diverse community of scientists to tackle challenging global problems.

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Evolving Resilient Systems to Prevent Disease on a Changing Planet

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