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2. IFC-GBAC Webinar Series - The Higgs Boson and the Coronavirus (Fundamental Research After the Pandemic)

"The role that may be played, --once the current pandemic is more controlled— by “fundamental” research"

The weird title of this talk is meant to hide its more ponderous intention: to discuss with you the role that may be played, --once the current pandemic is more controlled— by “fundamental” research, the one that is primarily done for the sake of pure and basic knowledge, not for short-term economic spin-offs.

The Higgs boson is the latest of the elementary particles to have been discovered. Its average lifetime is so short that it is impossible to imagine something more useless in practice! And yet, its relation to Covid-19 is quite considerable. “The Higgs” was discovered at CERN, a laboratory on the Swiss-French border. One of many spin-offs of the fundamental research at CERN is the http, the universal computer-language that allows the WWW to function as it does. After the pandemic, research funds will be redirected. Hopefully, basic biology, genetics, and medicine will receive a fair fraction of the funds that they deserve. But what will be the fate of the budget of the rest of the basic, not-for-profit sciences? That is the question we would like you to consider, in broader terms than the ones included in this brief abstract.

About the Presenters

PhD. Alvaro De Rujula

Former Leader, Theory Division, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Member of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Universidad Auntonoma de Madrid (UAM), Madrid

Professor De Rujula is one of the most important Theoretical Physicists in the world and since 1977. He has worked at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, located in Geneva, Switzerland. He was born in Madrid in whose Complutense University he graduated and obtained his Ph.D. in physics. He has worked in Italy (ICTP, Trieste), France (IHES and Saclay, close to Paris), in the USA (Harvard and Boston Universities, MIT), at CERN (in diverse roles, from Summer Student to leader of the Theory Division) and in Madrid (Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Autónoma University).

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Mahaman Mourtala

- Sep 16, 2021


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- May 28, 2021

jose luis

- Apr 27, 2021
guao El bosón de Higgs es la última de las partículas elementales que se ha descubierto. ¡Su vida media es tan corta que es imposible imaginar algo más inútil en la práctica! Y, sin embargo, su relación con Covid-19 es bastante considerable. “El Higgs” fue descubierto en el CERN, un laboratorio en la frontera suizo-francesa. Uno de los muchos derivados de la investigación fundamental del CERN es http, el lenguaje informático universal que permite que la WWW funcione como lo hace


- Jan 12, 2021


- Dec 15, 2020
Interesting and informative.

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Nov 11, 2020
The Higgs Boson and the Coronavirus (Fundamental Research After the Pandemic)

Mohammad Nadir

- Nov 6, 2020
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