16. Korea Office BBL - Offshore Wind Power in Korea

"Under the “Renewable Energy 2030” vision, Korea aims to achieve 20% of renewable energy share in power generation by 2030."

The global offshore wind power market is growing rapidly. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, the global offshore market has grown on average by 24% each year since 2013 and in particular, 6.1GW of new offshore wind power capacity was adde... view more


Opening Remarks by Dr. Chun-taek RIM President of Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation Planning (KETEP)


The World Bank Group Offshore Wind Development Program by Dr. Mark Leybourne, Senior Energy Specialist, ESMAP WB.


Offshore Wind Power Policy in Korea by Dr. Jungchul Choi, Senior Researcher at Korea Institute of Energy Research.


Offshore Wind Turbine Technology and Business Cases by Mr. Dongjoon YUH, Senior Manager at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.


Technical Development of Offshore Wind Farm in Korea by Mr. Sang-don KOH, General Manager at Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries. 


Substructures Technology of Offshore Wind Farm by Mr. Sundai KIM, General Manager at Samkang M&T. 


Part 1 - Question and Answer (Q&A) 


Part 2 - Question and Answer (Q&A) 

About the Presenters

Dr. Chun-taek RIM

President, Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation Planning (KETEP)

Hoon Sahib Soh

Special Representative, World Bank Group Korea Office

Inchul Hwang

Senior Energy Specialist,  World Bank Group Korea Office

Mark Leybourne

Senior Energy Specialist, ESMAP WB

Jungchul Choi

Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)

Dongjoon YUH

Senior Manager, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Sang-don KOH

General Manager, Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries

Sundai KIM

General Manager, Samkang M&T