13. AFRONOMICS: What will it Take to Accelerate Poverty Reduction in Africa?

"If left unchecked, extreme poverty in the world will become almost exclusively an African issue by 2030."

Despite the incredible progress that so many African countries have made, poverty remains a defining part of the narrative aro... view more

About the Presenters

Kathleen Beegle

Lead Economist, World Bank Gender Group

Kathleen Beegle has been a Lead Economist with the World Bank Gender Group since 2018. She was previously a Human Development Program Leader for Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, based in Accra, Ghana. Her research experience includes the study of poverty, labor, economic shocks, and methodological studies on household survey data collection in developing countries. She has expertise in the design and implementation of household surveys and their use for poverty and policy analysis. She recently co-led the World Bank reports Realizing the Full Potential of Safety Nets in Africa, Poverty in A Rising Africa, and Accelerating Poverty Reduction in Africa. Beegle was Deputy Director of the World Bank’s World Development Report 2013 on Jobs. She joined the Development Research Group of the World Bank in 2001, where she was a member of the Living Standards Measurement Study team. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from Michigan State University and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at RAND.

Luc Christiaensen

Senior Economist, World Bank Africa Region, Africa

Luc Christiaensen is a Senior Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist for the Africa region in the World Bank. He takes a keen interest in issues related to poverty and food security, the rural-urban transformation, and project impact evaluation. He has worked in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management and Sustainable Development Departments of the Africa and East Asia and Pacific Region. He was a core member of the 2008 World Development Report “Agriculture for Development” and a Senior Research Fellow at the United Nations University-WIDER in Helsinki during 2009-2010. He has a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Cornell University.

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