11. AFRONOMICS: The Future of Work in Africa - Can Digital Technologies Really Work for All?

"Africa has a chance to take a different path – if governments and businesses can take advantage of digital technologies, and if the right policies and investments are in place."

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About the Presenters

Mark Dutz

Lead Economist, Africa, World Bank Group

Mark Dutz is the Lead Economist in the Africa Chief Economist Office of the World Bank Group. He is responsible for work on productivity growth and its interaction with poverty reduction and shared prosperity. Dr. Dutz has worked in all geographic regions of the Bank Group, in its enterprise policy anchor, and in the Office of the Chief Economist. His other experiences include - Senior Consultant with Compass Lexecon Inc.; Senior Advisor to the State Minister of Economic Affairs and Treasury, Turkey; Principal Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist, EBRD; and consultant to OECD, WTO, WIPO, and Canada’s Networks of Centers of Excellence. Dr. Dutz has taught at Princeton University and has published articles in journals and monographs in applied microeconomics, including on competition, innovation, digital technology adoption, productivity, investment and trade issues, and their linkages with growth and inclusion. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University and a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School.

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- Aug 16, 2021


- Jul 31, 2021
Government needs to design a strategy for taking advantage from digital technologies to generate new jobs

jose luis

- Jun 17, 2021


- Jun 11, 2021


- Feb 18, 2021

Mohammad Nadir

- Feb 17, 2021
Excellent discussion!

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Feb 17, 2021
The Future of Work in Africa - Can Digital Technologies Really Work for All?
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