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10. IFC-GBAC Webinar Series -Green Rebuilding: Unlocking Sustainable Capital Markets in the Post Covid-19 Economy

"The important contribution of capital markets in a sustainable economic recovery after COVID-19."

The sustainable bond market grew over 60% during the past year. Today, more than ever, ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) factors are being enhanced to encourage sustainable investments. The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated how vulnerable the world is to major crises brought on by diseases, extreme weather, and climate change. That is why now is the opportunity to unlock global capital markets to build a more sustainable future.  

Financial instruments such as green bonds, sustainable and social bonds, and sustainable investment funds can mobilize responsible capital needed to finance a green recovery, especially in emerging markets. In this virtual event, our panelists will discuss the progress of integrating sustainability into capital markets and why this is central to achieving a green economic recovery post-Covid-19.

About the Presenters

Julie Becker

Deputy CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Julie Becker is a specialist in regulatory, legal, and market-related matters linked to capital markets transactions and has a proven track record in advising on and integration of regulatory change. In 2016, Julie Becker initiated and implemented the creation of the Luxembourg Green Exchange or LGX, a new platform dedicated exclusively to green instruments. This initiative, a first in global capital markets, has been rewarded with numerous awards and recognitions worldwide. She also had been appointed in 2016 to the EU High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.

Jean Marie Masse

Chief Investment Officer, Financial Institutions Group, IFC

Jean Marie Masse oversees an equity portfolio, creating shareholder value, and exiting investments. As part of IFC's priorities to mitigate the impact of climate change in emerging markets, he conceptualized and leads at IFC the award-winning Amundi Planet-Emerging Green One (EGO) fund. Closed in Feb 2018 and viewed as the World’s largest green bond fund, EGO's US$2 billion strategy is supported by a "design for purpose" US$15m advisory services program that stimulates the growth of the green bond market, funded by the states of Switzerland, Sweden and Luxembourg.

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The target audience for this event is policymakers and sector regulators involved in the expansion and improvement of broadband Internet infrastructure and access. Given the various factors and decisions that affect broadband networks and services, this may include officials within ministries responsible for communications and infrastructure and regulators overseeing communications and spectrum, as well as within ministries responsible for finance and rural development. The course is also valuable for industry stakeholders, including state-owned communications enterprises and utilities, and World Bank Group staff who wish to gain additional tools for making policy and investment decisions that will support the achievement of their Broadband Access for All objectives.

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Nov 11, 2020
Unlocking Sustainable Capital Markets in the Post Covid-19 Economy

Mohammad Nadir

- Nov 3, 2020
Excellent presentation!
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