1. Introduction of Korea's COVID-19 Response Strategy Using ICT Video

This video introduces Korea's various ICT systems and services such as the epidemiological investigation support system, self-quarantine safety protection app, and the AI-based X-Ray system used during the process of tracing, testing, diagnosing, managing, and treating COVID-19 patients through a virtual character named 'Yoon-ji Jung.' We hope you will be able to understand Korea's experience of e... view more


This video is an animation produced by Korea's Ministry of Science and ICT, the National Information Society Agency, and the Korea Communication Agency to share with the world Korea's experience of the 3T strategy* as part of the response to COVID-19. (* Testing-Tracing-Treatment)

About the Presenters

Mr. Han Kyung Yi

Director General
Social Disaster Response Policy Bureau
Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Mr. Sang-Hoon LEE

Managing Director
Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement

Ms. Hyejeong LIM

Senior Manager
Open Data Department
National Information Society Agency