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07. EO4SD Climate Resilience Series: ‘How-to’ Session -Using Jupyter Notebook to access EO data (hands-on)

"A hands-on session and guided tutorial for advanced users to explore how to use the EO4SD CR platform Jupyter Notebook, including how to access EO data, conduct analyses and extract data time series."

The plethora of EO sources and the size of EO data has forced us to make use of large-scale IT infrastructure to easily manage, visualize and generate useful indicators. The EO4SD Climate Resilience cluster project has deployed a web-based (EO4SD CR) platform to provide climate action programmes with enhanced climate risk management capabilities allowing users to explore the data and apply on-demand analytics. This webinar will be a hands-on session and guided tutorial for advanced users to explore how to use the EO4SD CR platform Jupyter Notebook, including structured exercises on how to access EO data, conduct analyses and extract data time series.

Webinar learning outcomes

  • Familiarize with Jupyter Notebook interface
  • Review of examples of how to access different data collections
  • A showcase with examples of how to produce analysis, time series and generate plots/charts

Prerequisites for the webinar

  • Good knowledge of coding (python)
  • Good knowledge of using Jupyter Notebooks

Please download the Jupyter Notebooks from HERE.

About the Presenters

Stefano Natali

Space Business Manager, SISTEMA GmbH

Stefano Natali is the co-founder, managing director, and space business manager of MEEO Srl (Italy) and SISTEMA GmbH (Austria). He has more than 20 years’ experience in the analysis of satellite data, for atmospheric and biophysical parameters retrieval. He has more than 15 years’ experience in project management in the European Commission, European Space Agency, and national projects. From 2010 he is fully involved in the development and adoption of the Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM) to facilitate the access and exploitation of a large variety and volume of geospatial data.

Ramiro Marco Figuera

Earth Observation Data Consultant, SISTEMA GmbH

Ramiro Marco Figuera is a planetary scientist from Sant Feliu de Llobregat, a town near Barcelona. He lived and worked in Spain, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Ramiro did his undergraduate studies in Surveying Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and worked at the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia as a trainee. Later he moved to Berlin where he completed his MSc in Geodesy and Geoinformation Sciences. While studying and working at the Technical University of Berlin he started getting interested in planetary science. He did an internship at the European Space Agency (ESTEC) working with the Lunar Lander team doing some illumination studies at the Lunar south pole. He is a doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Planetary Science at Jacobs University Bremen. Since 2018, Ramiro is an earth observation Data Consultant. 

Anastasios Trypitsidis

Research Associate & PM, National Observatory of Athens

Mr. Anestis Trypitsidis is a highly motivated project manager with strong experience in managing more than 15 GIS and Remote Sensing projects at the National (EUREKA-EUROSTARS, GSRT, EGY/PRV-YPEKA, etc.) and international level (EC, JRC, DGENV, Maltese Government, etc.). Most recent relevant EC project experiences include H2020-FIRE, H2020-e-shape, H2020-NextGEOSS, H2020-EOPEN, H2020-FPCUP, H2020-Marine-EO, EO4SD- Climate Resilience (ESA). Anestis has excellent project management skills such as leadership, communication with the implementation team, planning, time management, risk, negotiation with contracting authority/coordinator,  and active participation in the review and plenary meetings. Anestis has an MEng (5-year Diploma Degree course structure, equivalent with the Master's Degree) in Urban Planning & Regional Development (University of Thessaly), M.Sc. in Applied Geography & Spatial Planning – Stream C: GeoInformatics (Harokopio University, Department of Geography)).

Dora Perrou

Research Associate, National Observatory of Athens

Dora is currently working as a research associate at the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing at the National Observatory of Athens on topics related to flood mapping/monitoring and modeling using multi-source data. Dora is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Satellite Remote Sensing at the Harokopio University of Athens (HUA). She holds a BSc degree in Surveying Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and an MSc in Applied Geography and Spatial Planning (Course: Management of Natural and Human-Induced Disasters) from the Harokopio University of Athens.

Anastasis Katsos

Developer/WebMaster, National Observatory of Athens

Anastasis Katsos is a DevOps Engineer at the National Observatory of Athens. He is currently a member of the operating team that monitors the three nodes of Sentinel data (Copernicus International Data Hub, Collaborative Data Hub, and DIAS Data Hub). Anastasis has also developed an application (Portal and API) to access NOA’s data from the Ground Segment Data Hub. It provides real-time access to eight different satellites as captured by NOA’s X/L Band Antenna.

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