Storytelling Videos Give a Quick “Shot” of IFC’s Exciting Projects

If you have five minutes, you have time to hear about the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) innovative projects and products by watching the Open Learning Campus’ “Espresso Shot Stories.” Produced in partnership with IFC’s Global Knowledge and Learning Office, these six videos use personal stories and experiences from IFC senior specialists to keep you informed on a range of initiatives.

Being curious and current on the latest projects by IFC is always important, and it’s always a good time for an “Espresso Shot Story.”

Grab a chair, your own espresso, and learn about:

•  Green Buildings: This first episode gives a personal take on IFC’s Green Buildings unit and how we can all make green buildings more sustainable.
•  Water in My DNA: Enjoy stories about IFC’s Water unit, and how water is both a resource and employment source in many countries.
•  Geospatial for 3.0: Geospatial and location-based analytics are going mainstream. Find out how they can help improve the quality of the World Bank Group’s appraisals and supervision work, especially in agriculture.
•  For Quality THINK Process: Hear why we should emphasize making good investments into entities that improve access to healthcare and offer affordable services.
•  Education Employability Tool: A new IFC product helps clients self-assess and self-evaluate where they are in terms of the quality of employability services that they provide to their students.
•  Blockchain: A Few Blocks Away: What is the financial and social impact of blockchain technology? Find out how blockchain came about and its ramifications for financial inclusion.

This video series is just one example of the dynamic learning opportunities available in a bite-sized format on the Open Learning Campus. Explore our extensive catalogue of videos, podcasts, webinars, mobile apps, and games targeted to your interests while you’re on the go, 24/7.