Insights from South Korea’s Remarkable Economic Transformation

In only three decades, South Korea has been able to make the transition from a resource-poor, low-income nation to a high-income economy. How did they stimulate this economic growth? How did they develop new skills and technologies? What are the lessons that can be applied for other low-income and middle-income countries?

The new open course, “Policy Lessons from South Korea’s Development” offers a multi-faceted overview of this compelling story of economic growth, presented by prominent representatives of academic and research institutions in South Korea and the United States. The course will last four weeks, starting January 17, 2017 and ending February 13, 2017.

The course targets a broad audience, in particular policymakers involved in economic development, other public officials, World Bank Group staff, multilateral development practitioners, and academia. Participants in the course will have the opportunity to:

•  Examine South Korea’s past developmental experience and current innovative strategies, and green and smart technology initiatives to sustain economic growth.
•  Understand how South Korea implemented an export-led industrial strategy with the help of a highly skilled workforce, and developed high-end manufacturing and service sectors.
•  Discuss institutional and policy lessons that contributed to South Korea’s performance and how they could be applied to similar effect in their own countries.

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) was developed by the World Bank Group’s Open Learning Campus team in collaboration with the Korea Development Institute. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Republic of Korea provided financial support. The Open Learning Campus offers MOOCs on a variety of development topics to scale up reach and learning for a large and diverse global audience.

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